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Please read all sections of this Legal Notice before using this website. The following conditions are binding for any user thereof.

In accordance with the duty of information provided for in Spanish Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI-CE) of 11 July, the following general information for this website is provided below.

The purpose of this text is to provide a detailed explanation of the features of this website and to offer information concerning the owner of the website and the purpose of the content included therein.


This Legal Notice regulates the use of the website service, and reports the following information in accordance with the Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, concerning Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services:


CIF (Tax ID): B88531223

Address: C/ Longares, 48 – Loc. 2 Izqda., 28022, Madrid, MADRID (Spain)

Phone number: +34 618411335

Email address:

Commercial Registry entry information:  Volume: 39789, Book 0, Folio: 190, Section: 8, Sheet M-707012, Entry: 1

Through its website, PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. aims to provide information about its activity and to offer the ability to get in touch, submit queries, subscribe to our magazine, and to report any claims and complaints to us.

The aim of this document is to establish the general terms and conditions of the website’s use. The general terms and conditions must be accepted and complied with by all users who wish to use the website.


The user undertakes to use the website, the content and the services without breaching current legislation, the generally accepted uses or public order. The use of the website for illicit purposes or those which may be harmful against PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L., or a third party, and which may, in any way, cause damage or prevent the normal use of the website is forbidden.

PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. guarantees that the content and services offered on the portal respect the principle of human dignity, the protection of youth and children, and non-discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social trait.

These General Conditions of Website Use do not grant the user any right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the content of the website, other than those expressly provided for herein.

The content (information, sound and/or image files, photographs, designs, etc.) included in the portal are either the property of PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L., or the latter is duly authorised for its distribution via its legitimate owners.

PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. undertakes not to carry out any misleading advertising. As such, the following are prohibited:

  • The use for any commercial or advertising purposes, other than those strictly authorised.
  • Reproduction, publication, distribution or modification, in whole or in part, unless prior written authorisation has been obtained from their legitimate owners or is legally permitted.
  • Any infringement of the rights of PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L., or of the legitimate owners thereof.


The user acknowledges and accepts that all industrial and intellectual rights over the content and/or any other elements included in the website either belong to PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L., or the latter is duly authorised for their distribution on said website.

If a user or third party believes that an infringement of their legitimate intellectual property rights has been caused by the inclusion of a certain piece of content on the website, they should notify said circumstance to PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L., indicating:

  • The personal data of the interested party who holds of the allegedly infringed rights, or indicate the power of attorney through which they are acting if the case is presented from a third party other than the interested party.
  • Indicate the content protected by the intellectual rights and their location on the Website, the certification of the indicated intellectual property rights and the express declaration in which the interested party declares themselves liable for the accuracy of the information provided in this notification.


This website offers links to other websites and content which belong to third parties.

The sole purpose of the links is to provide the user with the possibility of accessing these links. PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. is in no case liable for the consequences which may arise for the user as a result of accessing said links.

Any user who intends to establish any technical device to link from their website to the portal must obtain prior written authorisation from PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. The establishment of the link will in no case imply the existence of any relation between PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. and the owner of the site on which the link is established, nor the acceptance or approval by PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. of its content or services.

The website on which the link is established shall not contain any trademark, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L., except those expressly authorised.


PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. reserves the right to modify the presentation and configuration of the website, as well as this Legal Notice, at any time and without the need for prior notice.


PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L. does not grant any guarantee and cannot be held liable, in any case, for damages of any nature which may be caused by:

  • The lack of availability, maintenance and effective functioning of the Website and/or of its services and content.
  • The existence of a virus or malicious or harmful programs in its content.
  • The illicit, negligent or fraudulent use, or that contrary to these conditions, to good faith, to generally accepted uses or to public order, of the Website, its services or its content, by users.


PROYECCIONES PLV, S.L., as provided for in its “PRIVACY POLICY” which may be consulted on this website, has adopted the appropriate levels of security for the data it processes and manages, including all technical means and measures at its disposal to guarantee its confidentiality, and to avoid its misuse, loss, alteration, unauthorised access or theft.


These Conditions are governed by Spanish law, and will be subject to the judges and courts of the city of Madrid (Spain) for any dispute arising from access to the website.


If a user has any doubts regarding this legal notice or any comments regarding the latter, please contact or send a written communication to the address given in the header hereof.